Poker Sites Accepting Pasteandpay Vouchers

Alert: is no longer in business. Since we don't update this website anymore, we encourage players looking to deposit with prepaid cards for poker to check out this link. This website has a lot of information about various deposit methods with a focus on prepaid cards.

Due to the problems that US players have had using their credit card to fund their online poker gambling, several alternative options have cropped up, with one being the PastseandPay EZ Voucher system. PasteandPay is a prepaid option that allows you to use your credit or debit card to purchase a prepaid voucher, which can in turn be used to fund your online poker account. This payment method has become a preferred online banking solution used by players who have faced challenges with gambling account funding, It is secure, easy to use, and efficient, providing immediate access to your poker chips. While the Paste and Pay brand is specifically popular, there are a variety of prepaid voucher systems out there, and they all work pretty much the same. You can apply the information in this guide to just about all prepaid voucher systems in place that are US friendly.

How To Use Pasteandpay To Deposit Into Online Poker Sites

Finding an online poker room that accepts PasteandPay vouchers is your first step. You'll find a refined listing at the bottom of this page that includes trusted and reputable Paste and Pay poker sites that have each been vetted by our team of online poker gambling professionals. Access the brand you are interested in by using one of the secure direct links provided. The next step will be to register for a player account, which simply involves minimal data entry of some of your personal information. Once you are a registered player, you can proceed to the site's cashier. Once you're on the cashier menu, you need to look for the prepaid voucher option that is offered. By selecting it, you will be prompted to proceed with your voucher purchase. Part of the purchase will include registering your credit or debit card as your voucher funding method. Most of the voucher systems, including PasteandPay verify your identity by sending you a text message that includes a password that you will use to activate your account.

Some cases require additional identity verification, but even then the process is simplified and fast. Once your account is approved, you may proceed with your purchase of your voucher from among the predetermined denominations available up to $1000. As soon as the transaction is approved you will receive a unique voucher pin number that you will copy and paste into the poker site's cashier to authorize the transaction. Your funds are available for use immediately with no waiting period. It is one of the safest and most reliable options that players can use for funding their online poker account.

Advantages of Using Pasteandpay Prepaid Ez Vouchers For Funding Online Poker Gambling

PasteandPay really is a valuable payment solution that provides some distinct advantages over other options such as credit and debit cards. The questionable reliability of credit card transaction approvals alone is enough to drive players to seek other options. Prepaid vouchers are a premium alternative, and here are some of the reasons we support this option so strongly:

• There are no fees associated with using PasteandPay vouchers. It is absolutely free for players. All fees are paid by the merchants, in our case the online poker sites. With the number of players they attract by offering this option it pays for itself.

• Your personal and financial sensitive data is hidden from all third party merchants. This provides increased protection from identity theft and other cyber crimes.

• Because of the prepaid nature of PasteandPay vouchers, a self imposed spending limit is in place which can be of great assistance to player who struggle with managing their gambling budget. Temptation to tap into money not designated for gambling is eliminated with the prepaid structure.

• You only need to register with PasteandPay once as your account is reloadable, which enables you to purchase additional vouchers easily. This means there is no having to rethink how you will fund your account each time and go through various registrations or sign up processes. With the 100% success rate associated with prepaid EZ Vouchers, it will be your funding option of choice.

Conclusion Concerning The Use Of PasteandPay Poker Deposits

The value of using PasteandPay for funding your online poker account is really a no brainer. The added security, convenience, and transaction approval rate makes it much more advantageous than some of the other options that are available. We found this payment solution to be pretty flawless and to provide strong reliability for players. Being able to access the entire process from the poker site's cashier is also a nice added convenience. We support PasteandPay EZ Vouchers and most of the prepaid voucher systems being offer by the reputable poker sites, and we are pleased to offer our stamp of approval to this stable and trusted online payment method.

Top PasteandPay Accepted Online Poker Sites

Following are the top rated online poker sites that accept PasteandPay EZ Voucher deposits. We carefully and thoroughly vetted each of these brands through an intense review process to determine that they are all operating legitimately within the industry and are subject to authentic government regulation, that their security profiles are sophisticated enough to protect players, and that their poker software delivers a smooth, fast, and reliable performance on a consistent basis. We require genuinely helpful bonus offers with reasonable terms, and a substantial game selection and tournament schedule. There are many many more elements included in our review process, and we take the time and effort to go through them each with a fine tooth comb. These brands also each accept prepaid vouchers. The list may not be long, but it includes only industry leaders that are considered to be authorities in the online poker gambling niche.

Note: As we mentioned previously, the prepaid voucher option may vary from brand to brand, and may not always reflect the PasteandPay brand. Any of the voucher systems that are in place at any of the poker sites we recommend will be reputable payment solutions.

BetOnline Poker accepts PasteandPay EZ Voucher deposits

BetOnline Poker Site welcome PasteandPay voucher deopsits Our featured PasteandPay poker site is BetOnline Poker. They are one of the most trusted and respected brands offering online poker gambling to both US and international players. They support secure voucher deposits and offer players a streamlined and user friendly option for accessing voucher purchases directly from their cashier menu.

The first step is to visit BetOnline Poker and register for a player account. This only takes a few moments and your account is approved immediately. Once you are a registered player, you can access the poker site's cashier and proceed with purchasing your secure voucher using your credit or debit card. You will receive a voucher pin # that you can use to authorize the transaction and fund your poker account. The only thing left to do is win.

Num Ez Voucher Poker Link Current Bonus Offer
#1 BetOnline Poker 200% Free Signup Deposit Bonus Up To $2500 (USA Accepted)
#2 Poker 200% Maximum Bonus Of $2500 (All USA Players Accepted)

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